After 2 failed attempts to kill the Squamous Skin Cancer on my neck using Rick Simpson's cannabis oil, I started using a simple natural remedy that others have had great success with ... Eggplant & Apple Cider Vinegar. While the cannabis oil did seem to remove it, the cancer returned within weeks. It seemed to have receded and while had I used it longer than 4-6 weeks, perhaps it would have killed it as I know others that have conquered their cancer trials using Rick Simpson's oil.

That being said, this time around with my homemade eggplant tincture there is clearly something more visible going on. Just a few days into my treatment I began seeing what appears to be the cancer cells dying off. I plan to stay with the treatment for the next 60 days but it seems things are moving along faster. I will be posting the updated images every day or two until it is gone. (ps. note the little dark spots denoting what I believe to be other cancer cells that would have eventually manifest into more visible disease.

EASY RECIPE: Half an eggplant (could be more or less) & White Vinegar (I used Apple Cider Vinegar) ... three days in the fridge.

APPLICATION: Swab throughout the day and cover with small band-aide. Do the same before bed. I am planning on a 60 day treatment but it could be less or longer.

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